Gunmetal- Film Extract

Gunmetal/Roger Crow

“The last coherent thing we think the sentry droid said was ’Oh my’. We weren't sure what he saw in those last moments when he was caught in a loop, until we realised that one of his jobs was also waiter. Now we suspect he was delivering an omelette when the scarlet icons of doom wrought havoc on the station.


Back in Miami – Part 3

Touring Miami, there are certain things that need to be seen. Top of the list is Wynwood, the industrial district filled with more stunning murals than you could shake a spray can at. 

Graffiti is too reductive a word for some of the art on display here. It’s a mish mash of basic tags and the more glorious ‘pieces, as in masterpieces, which of course is too long a title for any self respecting street collective. 

As part of a day long tour of Wynwood, Little Havana and assorted other Miami locales, sadly too little time was spent in this urban art gallery. To get the full experience it needs an hour or two rather than 15 minutes.

Little Havana is also a treat, especially with stops for Cuban sandwiches, ice cream and local coffee. Like a super sweet espresso. 

By the end of the day we were back at Bayside mall, one of the first stops we made on a day trip years ago. It had changed enormously, though Hard Rock Cafe was still selling overpriced burgers and generic tee shirts. Somethings never change it seems. 

There was a time when Miami filled me with dread, but after three visits, two in 2015 alone, it’s now a very different story. Thomas Cook’s superb Manchester – Miami service has meant I’ll be back sooner rather than later.